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Change is a process...

Building a foundation takes time!

PAWfect Pet Services specializes in behavior modification solutions for your pets' behavior issues.  Designing customized behavior modification plans for your specific household situation, because every person/pet relationship is different.  The behavior modification plans incorporate changes to daily routines, dog training techniques and environmental changes while using training methods to enhance and strengthen your relationship with your pets.

Behavior problems include jumping, barking, chewing, digging, spraying, marking, housetraining, socializing and play behaviors. Complex behaviors include what are often defined types of aggression, anxieties, fears, separation anxiety, attachment problems, phobias, and sibling rivalry.

These behaviors require a consultation and assessment that includes a behavioral history, observations and a behavior modification plan.  And because every situation is different some may need only one session, and others may need mulitple sessions to modify the behaviors completely. 

Behavior modification plans involve shaping behaviors, this does involve obedience training techniques but differ from training classes while they include realistic changes to your daily routines and to your pets' environment.  We will focus on creating healthy boundaries, mastering the walk, implementing training techniques when necessary and create a less stressed, more balanced home environment for you and your pets.

Animals are different from humans and this difference creates challenges in training and solving problems. My focus is to help you solve the problems  you are having with your animals, without jeopardizing your relationship with your pets. Understanding what your pet is trying to tell you is key in solving or preventing problems and conflicts between pets and humans.

Owner relinquishment because of behavior problems is a growing trend and lack of training and behavior issues are the leading cause to re-homing pets, relinquishments to shelters, and the worst possible outcomes, euthanasia.  My goal is to help you keep your animals for their long and happy life, and to balance your home environment so that you can live a more peaceful and positive existence together!


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