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At PAWfect Pet Services I take a real world approach in dog training for you and your dogs.  I also take pride in offering the most humane, effective and latest dog training techniques. My goal is to increase the bond between you and your dog so that you may both live a happier, more peaceful life together.  Hence balanced dog training.

By helping our dogs better understand what behaviors we want from them and rewarding the wanted behaviors, they are more likely to demonstrate these behaviors.  But also by setting clear, consistent boundaries and rules for our dogs they can behave in ways that are healthy, safe and socially appropriate.  Boundaries are necessary in any healthy relationship and balanced dog training is a method of training that can help you achieve results you are looking for, while building confidence in both you and your dogs!

Knowledgeable trainers understand animals are not born knowing how to fit into our human lives.  Expecting an animal to know what we want from them without giving them proper direction, is unrealistic and punishing an animal for not knowing something is unfair. Just like children need rules and boundaries, so do DOGS! Rules and boundaries are NOT punishment.   In balanced training, we work to create clear communication, so the animal understands what is expected and is no longer confused by mixed information.  And when they understand, they can finally RELAX. 

Some basic principals are:

  • The animals immediate needs come first. Taking into account whether the animal is injured, ill, fearful, frustrated, hungry, thirsty, needing to elimate or exercise.  Putting off training until the animal's needs have been met and they can concentrate on training.
  • Learning to interpret animals' body language,tuning into telltale signs that let you know how the animal is feeling-whether it's joy, fear, frustration or some other emotion.  Understanding body language improves communication and keeps everyone safe.
  • Becoming clear about your expectations for your animal, and also being honest about your abilities and commitment level that may hinder progress.
  • Figuring out what motivates your animal (affection, treats, toys, etc) and using this to your advantage building positive associations.
  • Using interruption/corrections and information/commands to set clear rules, boundaries, limitations while continuing to work on giving your pet new coping skills to deal with situations. 
  • Watching/reading your pet carefully, setting them up for success instead of allowing for too much, too fast, too soon responsibility your pet may not be ready for.

During the sessions I will educate and teach you how to recognize appropriate times to reward/praise and increase wanted behaviors and to correct/redirect and decrease unwanted behaviors. We will work on timing and helping you to become aware of how your actions or inactions may be impacting your pets life!


To find out how you can get one step closer to your dog become a more balanced one! 

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