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"Testimonials are the best way for us to gauge how effective our services are and allow you to hear directly from other pet owners."

 *References are provided to clients*



"PAWfect Pet Services cared for our animals as if they were her own. Our pets were extremely well cared for and we had no worries whatsoever leaving them with Kelley.  Our family gives PAWfect Pet Services an A+ for a job well done! We will recommend PAWfect Pet Services to all our friends and neighbors. "

-Molly & Karl S., Omaha NE  (Buster & Ellie)


"We just moved to this area from California, and our new vet whom we have the utmost respect for highly recommended PAWfect Pet Services. I must say Kelley is one of the most professional individuals I have ever met.  Her attention to detail and professionalism coupled with her sense of being with the animals I don't think I could find anywhere else.  I consider myself very animal savvy and my pets are family members, Kelley's attention to details far exceeded my high expectations.  Kelley came to our home for an initial interview and stayed with us discussing specific details and going over our routines for over an hour while making notes.  I was also impressed by the request of a second key (in the event one should become lost, so my pets would not suffer any inconvenience). And then arriving home to find a detailed diary of notes about their visits. 

I was very confident after our initial interview that my precious pets would be well taken care of, Kelley was very receptive to a couple of check in phone calls while I was away to see how things were going.  When I returned home, my precious pets were very calm and happy, if you know your animals well, you just know how to read their demeanor.  One of my cats is 18, she is very keen to let me know when things aren't right and we have known each other a long time now.  I recommend PAWfect Pet Services to anyone I come across that speaks about their pets. I know when I moved to this area I was very concerned about finding the right care for my precious pets above my own. We are very lucky to have availability of her services, that we actually pay extra for as we are outside of her usual working area."

-Liz K. , Bellevue NE  (Whitney, Kiewit & Stella (the snake))


"Kelley did an excellent job cat sitting my two cats, including a asthmatic/diabetic cat who needs medication twice a day.  She was extremely attentive and amazingly compassionate with both of them. I recommend Kelley to anyone in need of a cat sitter they can trust."

-Christine, H. , Omaha NE   (Fitz & Zelda)


"Dear Animal Lovers, I hired PAWfect Pet Services to take care of our animals while my family went to Alaska.  We have a rather large animal family with two cats, three boxers, two boston terriers, one german shepherd and four hourses. We have  a small farm and we weren't comfortable leaving the animals home alone, so Kelley & her staff agreed to stop care for our animals for five days, they stopped by the house during the day to play with the dogs and let them out, along with each night, brushing, feeding and watering each of them, also administering medicine before bedtime.  Our animal family ranges from 6 months to 25 years old.  So you can imagine what kind of a challenge managing them might be, including picking up after them.  They did a great job getting to know our animals and took care of them like they were their own.  My house was even clean when the boys returned home!

Like most of you, we also treat our animals like our children.  So you can imagine how stressful it could have been for us being thousands of miles from home, not to mention how stressful it could have been for our animals if they had been left alone over a prolonged period of time. Kelley put us at ease with her thoroughness in qualifying each animals needs.  She displayed a strong knowledge and competence in the animal care field and showed us how loving and caring she is towards animals on their home visit. 

Even before I hired PAWfect Pets, during a visit to our home, Kelley noticed our german shepherd, Princess was quite old and very uncomfortable.  Kelley called me the next day to tell me she had an extra dog bed that was designed for comfort and asked if she could drop it by for Princess to see if it would make her feel better. Kelley going out of her way for an animal she hadn't been hired to take care of yet, I believe says it all.  Thanks Kelley we appreciate all that you've done for our animal family!"

-Cindy S. , Crescent Iowa  (Jack, Bailey, Tiffany, Ally, Princess, Pugsley, Fancy, Bane Michael, Angel, Jesabelle, Speedy & Snowball) A cool dozen!


"Kelley was great with our animals!  She was so patient with our dogs and their problems!  Even when Diesel was giving her trouble she was willing to work to help him understand so that he would comfortable.  She was sure to check in with us whenever a problem occurred and worked around schedules to make sure out pets had the best care possible. Kelley even brought our dogs a special treat! We felt extremely confident leaving our dogs and ferrets in Kelley's care while we were thousands of miles away.  Her services allowed us to be able to enjoy my vacation.  The reports cards we recieved were very thorough, describing our animals' everyday behaviors, as well as any small notes that appeared relevant (i.e. broken toenail). Kelley even took the time to learn about our ferrets in order to all ow them to run loose and play with her. 

She took such wonderful care of our pets, even when Diesel displayed behavior that I'm sure would cause many to discontinue services. She worked completely around what we eneded and made sure to call and check that our arrival was on time so that our home would be welcoming when we came home.  As as additional service, Kelley provided us with the confidence that our home was safe while we were gone.  She brought in our mail and adjusted the lights so it would not be obvious we were gone.  Kelley took wonderful care of our pets and offered such reasonable prices, we will recommend her to all our friends and family with pets and would definitely use her again for any future services we may need." 

-Meghan, Doug & Isabel O., Omaha NE (Diesel & Gypsy, Daisy & Duke)


"PAWfect Pet Services was the answer for our dog Spencer, who was afraid of car rides and had a panic attack every time we had to take him to the vet or kennel.  Kelley made my dog's life a dream! He was taken care of so well while we were on vacation. Her care, love and compassion set him at ease.  No longer did he sit in between the door and suitcases and pout. He knew when we let that Kelley was coming over to play. Our family longer worried about how Spencer was doing.  We got a report card with his daily activities.  If Kelley had any concerns she was quick to respond to his needs.  She is trustworthy and extremely reliable.  I would not have trusted any other company with my four legged friend. Kelley cared for our pets as if they were her own.  She loved them and they definitely loved her. We have been so thankful for PAWfect Pet Services."

-Sarah M., NE Vet Board Member   Papillion, NE    (Spencer)


"Kelley is my pet sitter, really she has become a good friend.  Our Stella, is a two year old german shepherd loves Kelley and her staff and they know how to handle Stella and treats her like WE want her treated.  Kelley and her sitters have stayed with Stella and always took great care of the house too! I recommended PAWfect Pet Services to Jane, Lisa, Barbara and Susi, those are just my neighbors that have used her services. So book early because they gets busy, but never too busy to care for your special family members!  Stella LOVES PAWfect Pet Servies!

-Eric & Julie K., Omaha NE    (Stella)


"I met Kelley in 2008, when I was looking for a pet sitter for my kitties, Miko and Maverick (M&M). From the beginning of our relationship, Kelley has always been very professional and took her time getting to know M&M, and their specialized needs. She introduced her business to me through flyers and printed materials, and got to know me as well. Over the past 3.5 years, Kelley has pet sit for M&M probably 50 or 60 times. I have full trust in her taking care of my babies while I am gone. She adores them as much as I do, which is obvious in the daily visit reports that I receive when I return home. M&M are so relaxed when I return from trips now, and I know that is because of the quality of care that is given while I am away. Kelley is honest, caring, trustworthy, and always looking out for my pets’ best interest. She has even brought up concerns about their health if she notices something seems off. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing pet care for their animals!"

-Stacie K., Omaha NE (Miko & Maverick)



"Kelley really helped us out with some issues we were having with our dog. What I love about Kelley is that she is very knowledgeable about how dogs function and communicate, making it easy to get to the heart of the problem. Instead of disciplining our dog for barking, jumping, etc,  Kelley figured out why our dog was behaving a certain way, and approached the problem from there. She also taught us how to communicate with our dog to keep the training going. In addition she had tons of tips for us to help our dog become a well mannered canine from greeting people at the door to not jumping on the counters. On top of all that, Toohey adores her! Having someone we trust handling our dog is very important to us, since she is part of our family!"

-Carolyn  B.,  Omaha NE  (Toohey)



"Kelley is passionate about dogs.  If you see her interact with dogs, or any animal for that matter, you can instantly tell that she cares deeply for each animal she meets.  Within a few minutes of speaking with Kelley it is easy to see that she is also very knowledgeable about dogs and how to communicate with them.  We recently adopted a 3 year old Yorkie, Jackson, who sadly spent the majority of his life in a crate.  Initially, we had difficulty getting Jackson to eat his dog food.  Also, Jackson would sneak down stairs at night and leave a present for us to find in the morning.  Kelley helped us understand the importance of putting Jackson on an eating schedule so he would learn that when food is out he needs to eat it, rather than grazing all day.  She also taught us that if we have him on a feeding schedule then we could anticipate when we would need to take him outside.  These tips along with the other advice Kelley has given us has helped us housebreak Jackson.  We trust Kelley completely with the newest member of our family."

-Erin  P.,   Des Moines IA   (Jackson)



“Kelley has been instrumental in helping me and my pack adjust to a new member this year after I adopted an adult Great Dane rescue.  The new member created quite a bit of stress in the house and required some expert advice and counsel.  Kelley was absolutely terrific!  Without her support and behavior modification plan (for me and my dogs), I know it wouldn’t have worked out as well as it has.  I really appreciated Kelley’s holistic and customized approach to our plans, which she formulated based on her experience and her personal observations of our interactions.  I also very much appreciated that she worked with both me and my dogs – it was the well-rounded approach we all needed.  I really can’t thank Kelley enough for all her support and advice – she is fabulous!” 

 -Kirstin G., Omaha    (Meka, Kobe & Pypr)


"What I liked best about PAWfect training services was that the sessions are one on one, and at my my house in Duke's environment.  When you are at a class and he is away from home his triggers are not the same.  I appreciated the fact Kelley showed me how to implement the training techniques before I tried them, and if I didn't understand we could do it again until I got it right.  I also liked the fact that Kelley worked with both me and my dog to ensure we understood the training."

 -Stephanie S., Papillion   (Duke)


"We appreciated receiving the behavior modification plan, and felt really good about things after our first session with Kelley.  She is so good at what she does. I feel like Miss Ruby is already making progress with the "stays."  We plan to work with her for a couple of weeks and get back in touch for more sessions.  Thank you so much!"

-Jenni, Corey & Gracie D., Council Bluffs, IA  (Ruby)


"Kelley is an excellent dog trainer & pet behavior specialist. It is obvious that she is very compassionate and caring about animals, and this combined with her excellent techniques, concepts, suggestions and rapport with both dogs and people, make her the absolute best choice for us while working with our rescue lab "owly growly" Jetta. The results speak for themselves; our dog is happier and our whole household is more peaceful. Thank you Kelley!"

-Heather & Doug L., Omaha, NE  (Jetta)


"We hired Kelley to help with our dogs behavior issues.  Our new dog, Ellie, was fearful and barked at everyone and other dogs.  Our dog Mattie was jealous and would strike out at Ellie.  Our dogs really liked Kelley and responded to her.  Kelley is highly proficient in her work and always learning more through additional training.  She is very professional-always returning phone calls, emails and arriving on time for appointments.  She goes above and beyond by spending extra time with you to make sure you understand and know how to work with your dog (s) to get the results you are looking for.  We liked her training philosophy and we found her to be effective as a trainer of people as well as dogs!

-Phil & Holly H., Bellevue, NE  (Ellie & Mattie)


"What went well during our session? Everything!  The training session gave me hope!  I saw Lady work and what is possible, that was really gratifying and made me feel good.  I learned that she is not happy (as I had previously thought) on our walk, but frantic instead.  Talking with Kelley helped me realize that our walks were fueled by guilt and when I changed the way I walked with Lady, she became calmer and more relaxed.  When Lady fell in line and wlaked with me I felt like we were a team!" 

-Teresa L., Omaha, NE  (Lady)

"Hi Kelley, we are doing pretty well and just wanted to update you.  Ginger does extremely well at the bottom of the basement stairs. In fact she remembers to sit and wait even when I forget.  Fred the cat is most grateful for the new manners!  The front door "wait" is working better but she lost it when her favorite person happened to ring the doorbell (my cousin who went with me to the shelter to pick her up and she held Ginger on her lap all the way home, so she will always be special to her). We're still working on that! No accidents in the house!  The 'pee posts' came today, so I am anxious to see how they work. I will let you know!  We really loved meeting you and learning your methods of training. You definitely have a gift for training! 

-Ginny L, Omaha, NE   (Ginger)


When job changes made it impossible for my husband and me to make it home everyday over the lunch hour to let our dog Portia out, we contacted PAWfect Pets. Its has been a match made in heaven!  Kelley or her staff visit Portia daily, they play in the yard, or go for walks, and cuddle inside. The cats Ophelia and Viola even warmed up to her (and this is not an easy task if they know them:)

Every evening after greeting the crew, I check Portia's daily report card and enjoy reading about their time together. I love the fact PAWfect Pets details the time they were here and what they did...even down to how Portia enjoyed her walk, or which toy she played with that day. It is a great comfort to me that she is so well taken care of and has companionship during part of the day when we are gone. 

Our animals are admittedly very spoiled pets and we would not trust them with anyone unless we were absolutely secure in their well-being.  Kelley and her sitters treat them with such love and compassion.  We are 100% positively satisfied with PAWfect Pets.  Portia's reaction when we've seen her with them is proof enough! Portia loves PAWfect Pets and so do we!"

-Katie & Mark M.  Omaha NE   (Portia, Viola & Ophelia)


We use PAWfect Pet Services on a daily basis to assist us in caring for our dogs and cats when work gets intense and we need a little extra help.  As most of you know, our dogs are a key part of our lives and we would not just entrust them to anyone.  They are professional, bonded, GREAT with our animals, caring and trustworthy. More importantly, our animals LOVE her!  I would recommend her to anyone for any and all of her services! Thanks again for everything."

- Ann C.  Omaha NE  (Sammy, Walker & Prisadee)




"Kelley is a great caretaker for our dog. Her primary concern is the health and happiness of Buster, and she always takes an extra few minutes to play with him before she leaves, plus she pays attention to important details like wiping his feet on muddy days or making sure he's OK when it's extra cold or icy. She's flexible with her scheduling too and she always comes when she says she will. She's more than our "dog walker", she's Buster's friend and she always looks out for him!"

-Rachel Y. Omaha NE  (Buster)